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How your Claims Service Provider can support you as your injured worker recovers from a psychological workplace injury.

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Key takeaways

  • Your injured worker's safety and timely return to work is the priority of the claims service provider.
  • Your claims service provider will allocate a dedicated case manager as the key contact person and will coordinate activities for your injured work to recover at work.
  • There are some limitations to the support your claims service provider can give.
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How your Claims Service Provider can support you

  • The Claims Service Provider's main goal is to support all stakeholders to manage and navigate an injured worker's return to work in a timely and sustainable manner. This will include regular contact with stakeholders, engaging in medical case conferences with the treating medical practitioner and liaising with you about available suitable duties.
  • The Claims Service Provider's allocated case manager can assist with ensuring your worker is able to access entitlements such as weekly benefits, treatment, and rehabilitation services.
  • The case manager can refer to an external rehabilitation provider who can assist with the return-to-work process.
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What your Claims Service Provider can't help with

There are some limitations for what the claims service provider can help support your workplace and injured worker with:

  • The Claims Service Provider's allocated case manager is unable to get involved in workplace industrial issues. This could include workplace matters such as termination of your worker whilst on workers compensation. These questions should be directed to Fair Work Commission and Safe Work Australia.
  • Superannuation, which isn't paid in addition to your worker's weekly benefit payments.
  • Approving treatment that is not considered reasonable and necessary and in line with the State Insurance Regulatory Authority's (SIRA) fee orders.
  • Providing approval for benefits such as weeklies or medical expenses past the legislative cessation timeframes. 
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