How to lodge a claim

What to do when there is a psychological injury or illness in your workplace.

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Key takeaways

  • A worker should notify you as soon as possible after an injury or illness. You will need to notify your claims service provider within 48 hours of being made aware. 
  • If there is a death, serious injury or illness, or a dangerous incident you must also notify SafeWork NSW.
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How to lodge an injury notification

You can lodge an injury notification with your claims service provider via our online form, phone, email or post.

Contact details for claims service providers and what information you'll need to lodge an injury notification are on the Notify us of an injury or make a claim page linked below:

Lodge an injury notification 

Once the injury or illness has been lodged with the claims service provider you will be given an injury notification number, referred to as a claims number. If appropriate, please pass this on to your injured worker.

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What is next?

The claims service provider will contact you and the worker within three business days of reporting an injury to find out more about the worker's injury or illness, request any additional information and provide the liability status once this has been determined.

Please note: lodging the injury notification does not automatically confirm liability.

Provisional support may entitle the worker to weekly compensation payments for up to 12 weeks and medical treatment up to $10,000 in total.

Learn what to expect in the first seven days of a claim

If you have any questions about the claims process, please reach out to your claims service provider or visit our Notify us of an injury or make a claim page.

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