Helping you understand what's ahead for your weekly workers compensation payments reassessment

Fact sheets, FAQs and information about the weekly benefit reassessment process and the possible outcomes.

Watch a snapshot of the reassessment process

This short video provides an overview of the reassessment process and the possible outcomes of a reassessment.

Steps involved in a reassessment

1. Discover

Check if you are eligible for a reassessment. You can also find out more about the reassessment process and potential outcomes by reading our Frequently Asked Questions and fact sheet.

2. Seek support

Call us on 13 77 22, speak with someone in your support network or check our FAQs below for mental health support or financial advice.

3. Lodge

Assess your options and if you'd like to proceed, request a reassessment.

4. Validate

Your enquiry will be sent to icare, validated and if required, sent on to a claims service provider.

5. Reassessment

An icare representative and/or claims service provider will evaluate the information on your claim that was used to determine your weekly workers compensation payments, and you may be asked to provide further pay information.

6. Assurance

The outcome may be checked by an independent quality assurance team to verify the result.

7. Outcome

Once the outcome of the assessment is known, an icare representative or claims service provider will communicate it to you. 

Request a reassessment

What are the possible outcomes?

There are four possible outcomes to your assessment.

1. You have been underpaid

This will result in a one-off reimbursement to you. If you are currently receiving benefits, your ongoing weekly payments may also be adjusted. 

2. You have been overpaid

You will not be required to pay back any overpayment. However, if you are currently receiving benefits, ongoing weekly payments may be adjusted. 

3. No change

After assessing your application, there may be no change to your current payments or reimbursement. 

4. An assessment is not possible

This may be an outcome if you have a claim that has previously been settled.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about the weekly workers compensation payments reassessment? It may be answered in our FAQs.

Read the FAQs