Ageing well

Information based on research and best practice for injured people, their supports and service providers, on ageing well with an injury.

As we grow older, our health needs change. Taking control of your health can help you to stay healthy, avoid disease and live your best life.

A project team was formed to understand the experiences, concerns and preferences of people in Lifetime Care and Workers Care as they age. This is known as the Ageing project and this helped create the resources available below.

As we grow older, we have an increased risk of health problems that can affect daily life or even shorten it. People with serious injuries are more likely to face specific health issues as they age with their injury. Many of the health problems older people experience can be prevented through regular health checks and positive lifestyle choices.

If you have experienced a severe injury, taking care of yourself, having regular checks with your GP, and learning how to manage your changing health needs, can lower your chances of facing health issues and help you stay healthy as you grow older.

Our aim is to provide you with information based on research evidence and best practice that you can use to manage your health successfully, no matter your age.

The information below can also be used by families, carers, service providers, health practitioners and others interested in building skills and knowledge around ageing well following injury. 

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Much of the content in the ageing resources has been informed by the Review of Ageing and End of Life Issues Report for icare NSW, conducted by Professor Ian Cameron and Professor Susan Kurrle. This report is publicly available: Cameron ID, Kurrle SE (2021). Review of Ageing and End of Life Issues for People with an Acquired Injury.

icare is dedicated to improving the health literacy of people with a severe injury. Health literacy relates to how people access, understand and use health information to benefit their health.

icare developed the icare Health Literacy Framework as a way to inform our approach when developing and assessing new resources, programs and service offerings. The information on this page has been developed in accordance with icare’s Health Literacy framework.