Rebuilding workplaces

Welcome to the new world of work. We have developed five downloadable resources to help rebuild social connections in your workplace.

Warehouse team meeting

COVID-19 has impacted the way we work; we are seeing increased stress and anxiety among employees.

The experience is different for every organisation as we slowly return to the workplace. Some businesses might be returning with full staffing, others may have reduced their capacity and others may have a blend of workplace and remote working options. 

Social connection is a protective factor, important for employee wellbeing and resilience and for positive organisational outcomes, but we have seen disruptions to our existing connections.

Proactive action is required by management and every employee to rebuild a socially-connected workplace. This requires a multi-faceted approach – we need to expand, adapt and innovate the ways we work together and connect as we go forward.  

How COVID-19 has impacted the way we work: Employment sector has seen loss of jobs, changed hours and new recruits. Changes to employment have resulted in: in employee stress, anxiety and perceived risk resulting in fear and avoidance behaviours. Working conditions have changed: we have environmental changes, reduced physical contact, working from home and flexible working arrangements. Impacts include interpersonal conflict and divide, potential increased loneliness, isolation and weaker social connection.
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