Partnering with like-minded employers to create change

Our Prevention team partnered with an employer to positively influence safety leadership behaviours and prevent injuries in the workplace.

At icare, we're committed to partnering with employers to create safe and healthy workplaces. Together we can design work environments that reduce the risk of injury and promote the wellbeing of workers.

icare recently partnered with Multiquip, a large manufacturing company that operates in NSW and takes a proactive approach to safety culture. Our safety and wellbeing experts worked with the leaders of Multiquip to create practical safety innovations at work.

These innovations help to ensure safety is engrained into Multiquip's culture and is supported by leaders and workers across the organisation.

“Working with icare allowed our people to develop their skillsets and icare has been such an amazing driving force in facilitating that for us.”
Mark Beers, National Work, Health and Safety Manager, Multiquip

Partnering with like-minded employers to create change

Watch the below video to hear about Multiquip's experience of working with icare.
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