Welcome to our latest edition of Shine Magazine

Shine is produced for participants of Lifetime Care and the Workers Care Program.

Winner of the Shine Writers' Prize, Dominic Goodwin.

Through sharing personal stories in their own voice, others are able learn about life after a severe motor accident or workplace injury. These real-life stories of resilience, recovery, personal growth, and new beginnings provide insight into life after a serious injury.

In this edition, we hear from Dominic, who is the winner of the inaugural Shine Writers Prize with his visual storyboard 'This is me, Neon'. He impressed the judges by describing special moments in his life before and after his accident, showing that after leaving hospital, his zest for life has continued.

We also hear from:

  • Kelly-Anne, who was juggling a good job, relationship, and her love of cycling. In 2020 she had a cycling accident which left her in a coma. Today, her optimism and determination has created a change in career using her experience to help others. She will also be writing a book about her life.
  • Daljinder, who came to Australia when he was 18 to study engineering. He had a car accident which left him with fractures to his skull and a traumatic brain injury. Despite this, he persisted with his studies and never gave up. Daljinder recently started his first job as a graduate engineer, working in the design team for a large renewable energy project. In 2022 he was a semi-finalist in the NSW Young Achiever Awards.
  • Scott, who had a motor bike accident in 2006 and wasn’t expected to survive. He was in coma for 10 weeks with spinal, leg and shoulder fractures and now lives with a traumatic brain injury. His sense of humour and social personality has led him to participate in Sailability, a charity that helps people with disabilities get involved in sailing.
  • Shanae, who survived an accident when she was walking with her mum at age 6. She was struck by a car, leaving her with spasticity and weakness in her legs. She spent 10 months at Westmead children hospital and has fond memories of her stay. Despite the challenges and dealing with bullies, Shanae is excited about starting high school next year.
  • Richard, who had a car accident and was placed in an induced coma for 2 months. Since then, he was able return to work as a business analyst, kept us his fitness and running and got therapy to help with his gambling addiction. He now devotes time to every day to exploring creative writing a script for a movie. Living with a traumatic brain injury has allowed him to be more accepting of himself.
  • Martin, who was hit by a car 2 years ago as he was crossing the road near his home. He was taken to Westmead Hospital with a broken leg, a spinal compression fracture and a traumatic brain injury. At age 85, Martin's life is full of family and community despite the challenges of dealing with a late-life traumatic brain injury. He spends his days gardening and is very optimistic that things are getting better.

If you are a Lifetime Care or Workers Care participant, or a family member or carer and are interested in sharing your story, please call 1300 738 586 or email shine@icare.nsw.gov.au.