Shine Magazine Winter 2023

Welcome to our latest edition of Shine Magazine.

Shine is produced for participants of Lifetime Care and the Workers Care Program. Through sharing personal stories in their own voice, others are able to learn about life after a severe motor accident or workplace injury.

These real-life stories of resilience, recovery, personal growth, and new beginnings provide insight into life after a serious injury.

In this edition, we hear from Asha, who moved to Sydney from a small town in Auckland, New Zealand, after graduating and getting a job. At 26, a massage in the workplace caused a blood vessel in her neck to rupture and cause a stroke.

After many frustrations, she has learnt to be kind to herself whilst achieving goals, meeting inspiring people and having amazing experiences.

Find out how to enter the inaugural Shine Writers Prize and tell your story based on the theme 'Who I am'.

We also hear from:

  • Huntah, who has been living with a brain injury since he was four years old. He is in his last year of high school and is passionate about creative and visual arts. Huntah is the winner of the Shine Arts Prize for 2022 and plans to use his prize money to take a cruise to New Zealand.
  • Jamal, who experienced a serious accident two years ago where his vehicle flipped six times, leaving him with a spinal cord injury and stroke. Support of his wife Amal, wider family and community, along with the self-discipline he's learnt on the sports field, are helping to keep him well today.
  • Josh, ran a solar panel business until an accident where he fell through a roof and seriously injured his spinal cord and brain. He had to close his business but has reconnected with his first love of training horses for harness racing. Today Josh is working towards gaining more independence and turning horse training into his next business.
  • Andrew, a serious golfer and cyclist who worked long hours as a building services manager. He was hit head-on by a turning car while cycling and sustained several injuries, including a brain injury. Andrew says he feels lucky to be alive, walking and talking. The accident forced him to slow down and get into volunteering, golf, gym, and making time for friends.
  • Jake, who was driving to work near Cooma when a car accident resulted in serious spinal and brain injuries. While he was in a coma, he became a father to his first child and daughter, Casey. Five years after the accident, Jake works at a supermarket and does public speaking to share his story and encourage safe driving.

If you are a Lifetime Care or Workers Care participant or a family member or carer and are interested in sharing your story, please call 1300 738 586 or email