Supporting our NSW employers to keep safety simple

Our Injury Prevention team recently partnered with NSW employer Kingspan to promote better health and safety at work.

icare is committed to supporting employers across NSW to create safe and healthy workplaces. In the Workers Compensation scheme, we recently partnered with Kingspan, a leading manufacturer of water tanks.

Due to the nature of their industry, Kingspan works in a factory environment that exposes workers to a range of potential injury risks such as fall from heights and manual handling.

Kingspan proactively decided to review their safety culture and sought advice from the workplace health and safety experts in our Injury Prevention team to verify that they were on the right track to reduce the risk of injury to their workers.

Our team provided guidance to Kingspan as they implemented a range of simple, but highly effective risk management changes to keep their workers safe in the factory.

According to Sebastien Broomham, Head of Safety, Quality and Compliance, at Kingspan, keeping things simple, fostering a culture of open communication and consulting with workers have been vital elements to Kingspan’s successful approach to managing safety.

“Safety should be managed in a simplistic approach. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get the right outcome,” Sebastien said.

“We consult with our teams, and we look for the most suitable solution. Generally, that comes from the shop floor, from one of our employees.”

Watch the video to learn about one of the changes Kingspan made to protect their workers: