Requesting further treatment

If your treatment team believe that you require additional treatment after your pre-approved treatment, they will inform your claims service provider using one of these methods.

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Allied Health Recovery Request (AHRR)

Towards the end of your pre-approved sessions with your psychologist, both yourself and your psychologist or counsellor will determine whether there is a need for further consults.

If further sessions are deemed necessary, your psychologist or counsellor will complete an Allied Health Recovery Request form and send it through to your case manager for review and determination.

An AHRR provides the claims service provider with an overview of how you've been progressing with your treatment to date, what your treatment goals are, how the psychologist plans to assist you with these goals and how many further sessions are required.

Your claims service provider has up to five days from receipt of the AHRR to respond to your psychologist or counsellor with an outcome.

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Specialist referrals or report

Treatment can be requested via referral forms or reports from your treatment team.

For example, if your psychiatrist believes that you would benefit from a new form of treatment, they may send a report to your treatment team (nominated treating doctor and/or psychologist) with recommendations and clinical justification.

This report and/or or referral form may also be sent to your case manager for review and determination. Your claims service provider has up to 21 days to review the information provided by the specialist and provide an outcome on the requested treatment.

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Other ways treatment can be requested

  • information added to your Certificate of Capacity
  • pathology referral
  • diagnostic referral.

If further information is required to determine that the treatment requested is reasonably necessary and related to the workplace injury, your claims service provider will contact the treatment providers.

If the provider does not supply more information, or the information is inadequate or inconsistent, your claims service provider may then ask for an independent opinion, which may require you to complete a medical assessment.

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