Purpose of the Mental Health Claims Hub

Living with a mental health condition can make it difficult to live life as you normally would.

Everyday tasks can feel harder to complete. What used to be simple can feel like climbing a mountain and it is quite easy to feel overwhelmed by things you usually have no trouble with.

When the mental health condition you are struggling with has been caused by events in your workplace, lodging a workers compensation claim is the beginning of your path back to wellness and to work.

Workers compensation claims are complicated. There are many things that can happen while you have a claim, most of which you have not experienced before. The last thing you need is stress while you are trying to understand the claim and what you need to do.

Here at icare, we want to make that journey easier for you.

The Mental Health Claims Hub has been designed to help you access information, wherever you are on your claim journey. We aim to share the information you need in ways that work for you — If you like lots of detail, there is plenty to find. If you want a quick snapshot about one thing, we have got that for you too. You choose how and when you access the information, in a way that suits you.

We have also tried to ensure that the information you need is written in plain English, without lots of technical terms and jargon. The detail is there if you want it, but you do not need to know our complicated insurer language to find the key messages and information you need.

Psychological injuries in the workplace

icare acknowledges that living with a mental health condition can be difficult and finding the help you need through a workers compensation claim can be a challenging experience. We'd like you to know that we understand just how difficult it can be and that we're committed to find ways to make your experience as straightforward as possible.

We understand that when you're living with a mental health condition, your ability to think clearly and process information can be impaired. We understand that having to re-tell your story can be traumatic. We understand that the processes and systems that are part of an insurance claim can feel like barriers, designed to frustrate you or wear you out. We don't want this to be your experience.

Because of these things, we're constantly working on ways to make our claims management processes easier for you. This Mental Health Claims Hub has been created to help you find the information you need, when you need it, in an easy to use format. Please know that behind the scenes, we're also working with our claims service providers (CSPs) to help them help you, looking for ways to make sure your claim journey runs as smoothly as possible, so you can get back to work and back to life. 

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