Overview of the claims journey

There are many things that happen during a workers compensation claim for mental health injuries.

We understand the claims journey can be complex at times, we hope the Mental Health Hub can empower you to understand milestones on your claim. Please note, not all the Mental Health Claims Hub articles will be relevant to your claim, but the resources are available when you require.

In this Mental Health Claims Hub, we've tried to make sure that the events you’re most likely to experience are explained in a simple and straightforward way.

Because it can be complicated, we've found that it's helpful to think of a mental health claim as a journey, something that has a starting point, events that happen along the way and a final destination—your return to work and to health.

We've built the Mental Health Claims Hub to reflect your claim journey and included articles about various events in the order they usually flow, we hope this helps as you make your way through your claim.

We've also tried to make sure that articles about similar or related events are grouped together. For example, the section on claims liability will include information about all types of liability decisions you might encounter, even though only one or two of them might occur on your claim. Most importantly, we want there to be no surprises. That's why we have written articles on all the main things that can happen and explained how they fit into the bigger picture of your claim.

If you're interested, you can also see the advice we're offering your employer as well. We hope this helps you understand what's happening at every stage of your journey. If you have questions relating to an article on your claims journey, contact the case manager at your claims service provider. 

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