Workplace rehabilitation providers

Workplace rehabilitation provider services are delivered by rehabilitation consultants with allied health qualifications.

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Workplace rehabilitation provider services

Workplace rehabilitation provider services are needs-based services aimed at maintaining a worker at work or returning them to suitable employment.

Services can range from simple one-off assessments, to more complex holistic rehabilitation programs. Workplace Rehabilitation providers can be utilised to address risk factors which may delay return to work such as difficulty identifying suitable work, a complex injury, the worker is unable to return to their previous role or communication breakdown.

Rehabilitation services can be requested by any of the relevant stakeholders involved in a claim but will be arranged by the case manager as part of their claims management strategy.

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Service provision is aimed at:

  • facilitating the worker's timely recovery at, or return to work
  • identifying and designing duties for the worker to assist employers to meet their obligations in providing their workers with suitable employment
  • identifying and coordinating rehabilitation strategies that ensure workers are able to safely perform their duties
  • forging the link between the insurer, employer and treatment providers to ensure a focus on work
  • arranging appropriate retraining and placement in alternative employment when the worker is unable to return to their prior role
  • Educating all parties about the health benefits of good work and how to manage injury in the workplace
  • Identifying and addressing psychological and/or workplace barriers that may affect a worker's recovery at, or return to work.
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Workplace facilitated discussion

Some workplace rehabilitation providers are able to offer a brief intervention that enables an approved workplace facilitator to address barriers where a workplace relationship issue is impacting recovery at work.

A workplace facilitated discussion facilitates a meeting between stakeholders who may be unable to reach an outcome independently. The goal of a workplace facilitated discussion is for participants to resolve a dispute or conflict and make an informed decision that everyone is comfortable with.

A workplace facilitated discussion is a voluntary process and is reliant on your employee agreeing to participate in the discussion. Your employee is also able to bring a support person with them should they wish to do so.

Programs, resources and support to help injured employees back to work

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