Looking after yourself and your workplace

At times, there are situations where work and life stress can influence our mood and ability to run a business and fulfil our jobs.

Many people spend a large proportion of the day at work, so your workplace can have a direct impact on your mental health.

Employers can take steps that will help protect their own mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.

Our mental health over time is not a fixed state. Mental health is a spectrum, at one end it can be characterised by functioning well in daily life. At the other end of the spectrum, when not functioning well, it is represented by symptoms that can negatively influence thoughts, feelings, and behaviour.

Throughout life, we can change our position on the spectrum dependent on our circumstances.

Regardless of where we are on the mental health spectrum, finding ways to maintain, protect or improve our mental health is a positive thing.

Self-care strategies can assist us cope with stressors of running a business, life challenges, building healthy relationships, and work productivity.

There is no single best way to approach self-care and staying mentally well, but there are several things you can do every day to improve your wellbeing.

We have included some options that may work for you. If your symptoms worsen or continue over a period, it's important you speak to your doctor and support system.

Curious to try something new?

icons of alarm clock, apple, a person meditating, a person stretching and a brain lighting up.
  • Get tips on a better night sleep
  • ReachOut WorryTime app can help interrupt impacting worries
  • Choose foods that may help you feel well and happy
  • Mind full or mindful? Bring balance to your life with Smiling Mind
  • Use free telephone-based health coaching with Get Healthy NSW or take the quiz with ReachOut and find an app for you!
  • Learn about finding a sense of belonging with shared community, location, experiences or hobbies at Head to Health
  • Apps make this daily practice easier, find one that’s right for you! Learn more about practicing gratitude with Smiling Mind
  • ReachOut share some ideas for daily and intentional self-care
  • Track your mood and build resilience with MyCompass or MoodPrism
  • Hear2Talk is a free, confidential phone support line for NSW employers operated by skilled mental health peer workers.

Know your workplace rights and responsibilities

Employers play an important role in driving policies, strategies and behaviours that promote positive mental health and wellbeing with benefits extending across the whole business.

You have formal rights and responsibilities under discrimination, privacy and work health and safety legislation. It's important you understand them to help keep your workplace safe for yourself and others.

It's also important to help identify when responsibilities have been breached.

It can be difficult to know where to start, but there is support to equip yourself and your teams with tools to apply strategies that prevent mental illness and promote mental health at work.

The Black Dog Institute offers evidence-based training programs designed for all roles in the workplace. Mental health training is an investment in your people and your business. Contact Black Dog Institute to find out more.

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