Injured worker obligations

Better return-to-work outcomes are achieved when workplaces engage with workers early and provide support to facilitate timely and safe return to work.

It's important to show compassion and offer support to your employee.

A work-related injury or illness can have a significant impact on what your employee feels they are able to do. They may not be able to function as well as they did previously, either at work or at home.

The injured worker also has obligations under the legislation:

  • A worker must notify their employer that a workplace injury has occurred as soon as possible after the event.
  • Make reasonable efforts to return to work in suitable or pre-injury employment.
  • Take reasonable steps to focus on their recovery following their workplace injury.
  • Participate and cooperate in the development of their injury management plan and follow the actions set out in the plan.
  • Nominate a treating doctor who is willing to participate in the workers compensation process.
  • Ensure that the certificate of capacity is current (updated every 28 days) and is provided to their claims service provider.
  • Authorise their nominated treating doctor to provide all relevant information to the insurer or employer for the purpose of establishing an injury management plan.
  • Participate in treatment as directed by their nominated treating doctor.
  • Make all reasonable efforts to return to work.
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