How to assist other staff that may be impacted by a workers compensation claim

We understand that a workers compensation claim doesn't only affect the injured worker within a workplace.

A claim can also have an impact on:

  • Any workers who may need to adjust their work duties, reporting lines, or ways of working whilst the injured worker is progressing through their return to work
  • Any workers who may be asked to take on additional work whilst the injured worker is off recovering from their injury or working suitable duties
  • Any workers who have been asked to support an injured worker returning to the workplace and assist the injured worker to complete tasks
  • The direct line manager or supervisor of the individual who will need to take on additional work tasks. These additional tasks may include the identification of suitable duties, meeting and speaking to treatment providers, ensuring that the injured worker is supported upon their return, ensuring an injured worker is working within their return to work plan, and checking in on workers who may be totally unfit for work (where appropriate).

Steps which can be taken to prepare colleagues and managers for a worker's return include:

  • Communicating with the relevant individuals when an injured worker is returning to work and which area/department they will be working in
  • Where appropriate, provide a copy of the recover at work plan
  • Ensure workers are aware of the company's return to work policies and practices
  • Ensure that the other workers are aware of the expectation on them and the importance of the role they play in the overall return to work process
  • Regularly touch base with workers who have taken on additional work to ensure they are coping with the workload and whether they need additional support
  • Ensure there are open lines of communication, so workers know who to speak to if they have any question or concerns
  • Offer Employee Assistance Program (EAP) if it is available within the business
  • If EAP is not available within your business, Hear2Talk is a free, confidential, independent, phone support line for NSW employers and employees.
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