Dispute pathways for employers

If your Claims Service Provider (CSP) makes a decision on a claim that you do not agree with, there are options available for you to request a review of the decision.

These include:

Internal review

You can request that your Claims Service Provider completes an internal review of the decision. This will be done by a member of staff that was not directly involved in the initial decision-making process.

You should receive an acknowledgement of your request and offered an opportunity to provide any additional information that you would like to be considered in the review.

Once your Claims Service Provider receives your request for a review, you should receive an outcome in 14 days.

State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA)

If you have raised an issue with your Claims Service Provider and are dissatisfied with the outcome or decision, you can contact SIRA's Customer Experience team.

Employers are encouraged to contact the Claims Service Provider in the first instance to try and resolve any issues they may have.

Contact SIRA

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