Understanding the online claims process

Since 1 January 2018, employers and injured workers have had the option to report an incident or injury via our online injury notification form.

You still have the option to report an incident or injury over the phone with a claims advisor if you would like to do so.

Our online form is part of our longer-term strategy to improve the claims process. We’ve laid the foundations for future enhancements to deliver greater autonomy and self-service to employers and injured workers. Read more about the recent changes.

The icare injury management program provides  information for employers about the claims process and how they can support their worker’s following an injury.  Different options are available for small to medium companies and large organisations

Benefits of the online claims form

Our claims service model is designed to deliver a better experience for both employers and workers, through a transparent service that gives them support, empowerment and a simpler way of doing things.

Employers and injured workers should experience a straightforward, empathetic and consistent process, regardless of the simplicity or complexity of a claim.

Providing you an online method to report an injury

In addition to reporting an injury by phone, email and mail, you can also use an online form to report an injury. 

When the online form goes live, a PDF version will be available to both employers and to injured workers, and may be posted or emailed to us.

Ability to upload documents to an existing notification

Since 1 January 2018, you can go online to upload supporting documents (eg. wage payment details) to an injury you’ve reported to us.

Using your injury notification number, you can upload a document to a claim, after which  we will review and then take appropriate next steps.

Simpler, faster and clearer

Our claims process is simpler and quicker, relieving injured workers and employers of undue worry.

Forms, steps and instructions are simplified and use plain English to make them more accessible for all involved.

Reducing the barriers to report an injury

The process to report an injury is easier and more flexible than before.

The employer, injured person or third party (otherwise known as the notifier) can provide a minimum amount of information to report an injury. 

Once it has been reported online, the notifier receives an injury notification number and the injured person has access to provisional support until such time that liability is determined. 

Further information is required to determine and then provide the right level of care the injured worker requires, as well as to determine liability. This information may be provided online at the same time an injury is reported, or at a later time by phone.

Ensuring the injured worker gets the right care at the right time

We keep in touch with the employers and injured workers beyond the time of notification to enable holistic support through to recovery. 

The claims model ensures the right level of management and support is assigned to the injured worker, which we envisage will underpin return to work activities for workers. 

Greater visibility

The online form asks for contact details of those involved in the injury. Where contact details are provided, the relevant parties will be kept up to date by email (once the form is submitted) and a phone call to the injured worker and employer (within three working days) as appropriate.

Triaging claims 

The information provided in your notification begins a triage process that determines what level of care is required for the injured worker.

This information includes:

  • the injury, including how and when it occurred
  • employer’s contact details and ABN
  • the injured worker’s personal information

This information gives us an initial understanding of the injury to determine the best level and type of care for the injured worker.