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Monthly Cost of Claims reporting for experience-rated customers

Complete the Distribution List Request Form to receive reporting for the claims and related costs impacting your premium. Cost of Claims reporting is available for experience-rated employers only with an average performance premium above $30,000.

By submitting this form, you are agreeing to receive a Cost of Claims report automatically each month, sent via Syncplicity. We currently do not automate cost of claims reports for non-experience-rated employers with an average performance premium $30,000 and below. 

How to create an account and receive documents via Syncplicity  (PDF, 0.46MB)

Download a copy of our Frequently Asked Questions (PDF, 0.44MB) 

Request a monthly cost of claims report-Experience-rated customers only

Cost of Claims report: What it is and how to use it

To help our customers navigate the world of workers insurance, we have created a tutorial on how eligible employers can use the Cost of Claims report. The Cost of Claims report is a monthly report that allows customers to gain visibility of their claims activity, track their progress and manage them where required.

Cost of Claims report: Adding cost centres to claims

In this video tutorial, you will learn what a cost centre is, how it can help you manage claims and how to add cost centres at lodgement through our portals or through your case manager.

Industry insights tool

The industry insights tool has now been updated with the icare policy and claims data for the 2020/2021 financial year. Use valuable data to understand the workplace safety risks and workers compensation performance for your industry.

The industry insights tool gives you data trends for businesses with an icare policy and claims reported during the 2020-21 financial year.

Explore insurance and injury insights via an interactive dashboard. You can filter data for a particular region, industry or sub-industry and then compare data to another region, industry or sub-industry.

  • Examine the injury profiles of your industry: understand the nature of the injuries, how they occurred and who they impacted.
  • Compare the injury and risk profiles of one industry to another.
  • Explore the profiles of businesses, workers and claims covered by icare by location and industry.

For more information, visit the industry insights tool page or view the FAQs and Tutorials information

    Previous updates

  • Cost of Claims update: 10 September 2021

    New developments coming to the Cost of Claims report

    Following customer feedback, we're making some enhancements to the Cost of Claims report. These will come into effect from the September report, which is typically provided by 10 October.

    For Loss Prevention and Recovery (LPR) premium model customers:

    In the Cost of Claims Summary tab, you will have an additional column, 'Net Incurred Capped at $350K', to show net incurred costs for those on a $350,000 claim cap. Previously, the summary page only showed net incurred costs for caps at $500K. There is a new entry in the Glossary tab to describe this new column. The previous 'Net incurred' column and glossary entry have been relabelled as 'Net Incurred Capped at $500K' to provide a clear distinction.

    LPR only

    Net incurred capped at $350K Net incurred capped at $500K
    $0.00 $0.00

    In the Cost of Claims Summary tab and Cost of Claims breakdown tab, the report will also display the employer name related to the Policy after the "# of Claims" when you select a Policy.

    We listen to your feedback, and we aim to continuously improve the considerations section and the Glossary descriptions to ensure the report is clear.

  • Helping you prepare for EOFY 2021: 24 June 2021

    To help employers prepare for the end of the financial year, we're providing you with a mid-June Cost of Claims report.

    The mid-June Cost of Claims report covers claims data as at 11 June 2021. You will receive this report from icare from Monday 21 June 2021.

    You will also receive your normal monthly Cost of Claims report for June (for claims data as at 30 June 2021). This will be provided in the first 10 days of July 2021.

    Keep an eye on this page for reporting developments or join one of our upcoming events to hear from icare.

  • Cost of Claims update: 31 August 2020

    In this month's Cost of Claims report, we've made additional usability enhancements to help you better understand and navigate the report.

    This includes an updated disclaimer in the 'about' tab, which provides detailed context of how the report is created and highlights useful considerations when using the report.

    A cell reference column has also been added to the 'glossary' tab to help you locate relevant fields, and all tabs have been updated with the policy renewal year 2020 field (PRY2020).

    You can expect further reporting support, with a suite of Cost of Claims tutorial videos to be rolled out onto our employer industry hub over the coming months, that will help you get the most out of the report.

  • Cost of Claims update: 31 July 2020

    As we move into financial year 2021, we continue to add more functionality in our Cost of Claims report. This month we've added two new fields in the report, an updated disclaimer and a cell-reference extension to our glossary.

    Additional fields

    To help you map your legacy policy number (the first number assigned to your policy) to your icare policy number we have added an additional field called 'ICARE_POLICY_NBR' in both the 'data' tab on column CZ and the 'policy' tab on column E.

    We have also added another field called 'NETT_INCURRED_350' in the 'data' tab which will assist select LPR customers cap Net Incurred Costs at $350,000.

    Policy Renewal Year 2020

    Customers who have claims in the policy period of 2020 will need to view these in the 'data' tab. We anticipate these claims will also appear in the 'Cost of Claims Summary' and 'Cost of Claims Breakdown' tabs by next month's reports.

    Upcoming enhancements

    We continue working on reporting improvements including cost centres on existing claims, further usability enhancements and educational support to help you get the most out of the report.  

  • Cost of Claims update: 22 June 2020

    Employers have told us that an additional report to help you prepare for end of financial year would be very useful.  Following this feedback, you would have received an additional cost of claims report towards the end of June (for claims as at 22 June 2020).

    You will also receive your normal monthly cost of claims report (for claims as at 30 June), which will be delivered within the first ten days of July. 

    Reporting queries update: incorrect closed claims

    We are also pleased to report that closed claims that were incorrectly appearing as ‘open’ have now been corrected, and incorrect capping on select GIO claims from pre-January 2018, has now also been corrected. 

    Data accuracy issues

    A small number of consolidated reports have been suppressed due to data accuracy concerns from our agents. In these instances, we will provide you a copy of the report only including claims lodged on icare's claims system.

    You can now identify if your report has been suppressed through the subject line in your email.

    To indicate an icare claims system report has been provided due to data quality, an '[icare system ONLY]' identifier will appear at the start of the subject line in your email.

    While we continue to work with agents to address these concerns, you can contact your case manager to help with reporting needs for dates prior to 4 February 2019.

    If you have any questions, please email WIreporting@icare.nsw.gov.au