Protect Together

Our Prevention team runs Protect Together (P2), a voluntary injury prevention program for select NSW businesses.

P2 offers you the opportunity to work with skilled WHS practitioners at icare to develop practical improvements in injury prevention. 

Positive changes and a culture focused on strong safety behaviours will help you to keep your workers safe. Good work practices mean you can focus more on growing your business.

P2 is made up of four phases:

1. Commit

Talk to our Prevention team and commit to participating.

2. Insights

We'll visit your workplace to conduct a diagnostic assessment, to identify factors that are impacting health and safety.

3. Plan

We'll work together and develop an action plan based on your priorities.

4. Action

While you implement your action plan, we'll be monitoring and guiding you and your workers well into the future.

Hear from a NSW employer about their experience in the P2 program

ADSSI Limited, a not-for-profit home and community care business, recently participated in icare’s Program which has resulted in a 40% reduction in workers compensation claims and an uplifted safety culture.

Contact us

Contact to find out how an Injury Prevention Specialist from our team can work with you. 

Let's protect together.