Open job limits

Your approved open job limits (i.e. open job number and value) are a condition of your eligibility for HBCF insurance. 

Your approved open job limit sets out the maximum permitted number and total contract price of projects you can undertake at any one time.

All builder eligibilities have an appropriate eligibility profile including:

  1. approved open job limits
  2. approved types of construction
  3. maximum permitted contract price for each type of construction

Each Certificate of Insurance issued reduces your available open job limits. The limits are replenished on notification of completion of a project.

Determining your open job limit

When you make your application for eligibility, you will request a job limit. It is essential that the open job limit and total open job value that you request accurately represents the level of activity you intend to undertake.

Your limits will be determined by multiple factors, including but not limited to financial criteria, experience and history.