Eligibility reviews

Your eligibility for HBC insurance is subject to regular reviews.

The frequency of eligibility assessments may vary depending on a builder's primary building segment and builder's size. In general, builders with an approved open job value over $5 million will be subject to more frequent reviews. The review will assess any change in the builder's financial viability.

The reason we review your eligibility is to:

  • identify the level of performance and to set up appropriate future review intervals and scope
  • contribute to better standards of financial management and business controls
  • enforce HBCF adverse history rules to reduce phoenix operations
  • identify industry trends to inform portfolio policy and guidelines.

The review frequency and scope will reflect the size, trading history and complexity of a builder's operations.

Frequency of reviews

The frequency of your eligibility review is determined by three factors:

  1. the outcome of the previous eligibility assessment
  2. icare HBCF programmed periodic review requirements
  3. any emerging risk icare may identify.

We will notify you 40 business days before your next review is due.

We may also undertake a special eligibility review if we identify a possible major risk.

Cancellations, suspensions and modifications

We may cancel, suspend, or restrict your eligibility.

We will provide you with reasons for the decision and give you at least 10 business days' notice of any decision.

We will cancel your eligibility if NSW Fair Trading has cancelled or suspended your licence and where you surrender your licence. We will also cancel your eligibility if it has been expired for longer than three months. In licence expiry situations, we are not required to give you 10 business days' notice.

Under special circumstances, icare can cancel your eligibility without first issuing 10 days' notice.

For more information about cancellations, suspensions and modifications (restrictions) please read Section 17 Declinature, cancellations, suspensions, and modifications of Eligibility in the HBCF Eligibility Manual.