$9.6 million for research centre to improve injured people health outcomes

icare and SIRA have granted $9.6 million over five years to the John Walsh Centre for Rehabilitation Research to help improve the lives of people living with injury-related disability.

For 20 years the NSW compensation agencies have partnered with the John Walsh Centre for Rehabilitation Research (JWCRR) and the renewed agreement will fund core senior academic positions within the Centre to undertake their widely recognised work in rehabilitation research, knowledge translation and evaluation.

The JWCRR has delivered significant impacts across the NSW personal injury including legislation change (particularly CTP reform), guideline development and revision, improved support for claimants, and development of tools to support cost recovery and reductions in premiums.

icare CEO and Managing Director, Richard Harding, said the research was invaluable in supporting people with injuries with the Centre building a knowledge repository that is now used in over 140 countries.

"Getting the right care and support for injured people is paramount and this investment will continue to ensure NSW stays at the forefront on treatments and recovery pathways for severely-injured people," Mr Harding said.

Adam Dent, the State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) Chief Executive, said the ongoing investment will ensure that research to support health and recovery outcomes for injured people in NSW continues over the next five years.

"The JWCRR has played a key role in providing evidence-based advice, informing policy and legislative changes to improve and make personal injury schemes in NSW sustainable, and meet the needs of scheme claimants," Mr Dent said.

"In the last five years, the JWCRR has leveraged almost $40 million in funding from SIRA and icare's $5.32 million investment to continue their research activities. The outcomes of their research directly benefit injured people in both personal injury schemes that we regulate. We are delighted to continue this successful partnership," he said.

Professor Ian Cameron, Head of the JWCRR, said he is looking forward to working with SIRA and icare over the coming years to build on the success that has already been achieved.

"This partnership centres on a shared desire to facilitate evidence-informed treatment and recovery and the funds from icare and SIRA ensures my team can continue to build on our successful body of work to support stakeholders across the NSW personal injury sector," Mr Cameron said.

The John Walsh Centre for Rehabilitation Research

The JWCRR is a named Centre of the University of Sydney and a research group within the Northern Sydney Local Health District Kolling Institute. It is an interdisciplinary centre with a strategic intent to:

  • Generate new knowledge to improve health outcomes of people with injury related disability.
  • Promote links with the research community, partner organisations, patient advocacy groups and non-governmental organisations to ensure effective transfer of research outcomes into health policy.
  • Improve clinical care for people with injury-related disability and translate research outcomes into clinical practice.

The Centre is named after new icare Board member and Chair of the Dust Diseases Board, John Walsh. Note beyond this tribute, he has no financial or other interest in the Centre. 

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