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News 14 May 2018

Small steps lead to big change

icare customer Greg Mack, Manager of Safety and Wellness shares how marketing services organisation Salmat took a few simple steps to change their safety culture...

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News 11 May 2018

icare brings mobile Lung Screen unit to employers and their employees in Nowra

The icare Lung Screen unit is a ‘one-stop shop’ mobile respiratory screening service...

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News 10 May 2018

Allianz to transition from current workers insurance claims management role

The next phase of icare’s transformation of the workers comp scheme is the disengagement of Allianz from its current scheme agent role by 31 December 2018...

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News 27 Apr 2018

Being there for families

International Day of Mourning — every year on April 28 a memorial service is held in Reflection Park, Darling Harbour to honour and remember people who lost their lives at work through a workplace...

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Blogs 26 Apr 2018

Delivering a new world-class icare claims service

Elizabeth Uehling, Acting Group Executive, Workers Insurance, discusses the benefits of the new claims model & shares future improvements later in the year...

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Blogs 17 Apr 2018

How icare are able to support injured workers over decades

How icare are able to support injured workers over decades. Every year about 60,000 people in NSW are injured at work and make a claim to icare...

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News 17 Apr 2018

icare takes part in fundraiser for Sydney Childrens Hospital

icare contributes to Sydney Children’s Hospital fundraiser through its participation in the Procare 2018 Charity Cricket Challenge in March...

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News 12 Apr 2018

icare engages local communities to tackle social isolation

Ufirst, icare's social and community research initiative, is hosting workshops in Newcastle and Orange to address social isolation...

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News 11 Apr 2018

icare customers rewarded for keeping their people safe

icare is pleased to offer a scheme performance discount for the 2016/2017 policy year. The discount returns $80m to NSW businesses who strive to keep workers safe...

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News 10 Apr 2018

Health and safety come first for support workers

The March winner of the icare aware award is Life Without Barriers, recognising how they value safety and wellbeing in a sector facing enormous growth...

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News 06 Apr 2018

icare meets employers in Wellington

Local employers, care providers and employees are invited to the Wellington Visitors Information Centre on Wednesday 11 April...

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News 06 Apr 2018

icare partners with paralympians to raise awareness of workplace safety

icare is targeting its new look Speakers Program to the manufacturing, construction and health and community services to reduce workplace injuries...

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