How to lodge a claim

How to make a workers compensation claim.

There are a few ways in which you can notify us of your workplace injury and intention to lodge a workers compensation claim: with your employer, your claims service provider or directly with icare.

One of the most common ways is via your employer. Where possible, we strongly recommend having an early discussion with your employer around your intention to lodge a claim. Your employer may be able to offer immediate support and guidance on how to proceed.

Please note: if you work for a NSW Government Agency and you wish to lodge a claim, please notify your employer representative who will lodge the claim on your behalf with your Agency's claims service provider.

Claims service providers (CSPs) act on behalf of icare to manage workers compensation claims. Your employer will have one of these CSPs for their policy. If you know who this is, you can find their details at the link below and lodge a claim directly with them.

Notify us of a workplace injury

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