What is the injured worker entitled to?

Depending on the type and severity of the injury, your worker may be eligible for all or some of the following benefits.

Benefits your worker may be eligible for

  • weekly benefits
  • medical and related treatment
  • hospital treatment
  • ambulance transport/treatment
  • occupational rehabilitation services
  • vocational rehabilitation services including the potential for training, equipment and modifications
  • domestic assistance
  • cost to repair or replacement of damage to artificial aids
  • cost to repair or replacement of specific damaged clothing
  • travel expenses to attend appointments for medical treatment and other treatment
  • interpreter services required in association with the claim
  • permanent impairment.

Volunteer Firefighters, SES/surf life saver volunteer and emergency services volunteers may also have an entitlement to damaged personal effects and motor vehicles.

In the event of a fatality

In the tragic event of a work-related death of an employee the following entitlements may be payable:

  • a lump sum
  • weekly payments to dependants
  • reasonable funeral expenses, including the:
    • funeral director's professional fees
    • cost of the funeral service (including cremation or burial)
    • coffin
    • cemetery site
    • flowers
    • newspaper notice
    • death certificate

The lump sum payment is the amount that is applicable at the date of the worker's death.

All  benefits, except funeral expenses, are indexed on 1 April and 1 October each year. 

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