Sporting injury claims

If you're injured playing NSW school sport or with a covered sporting organisation, you may be able to apply for a benefit.

Who is covered

We provide cover for registered players and officials of sporting organisations that have insurance cover through the icare sporting injuries insurance scheme.

We also cover school children who are injured in an authorised sporting activity. This includes activities like physical education classes, school lessons, sports carnivals, competitions and training.

Assess your eligibility

How to make a claim

If you’re seriously injured and eligible to apply for a benefit, you will need to notify us within 12 months of the incident.

Our claims and benefit processes are supported by state government legislation, so you don’t need to engage a solicitor.

When lodging an application for benefits, you'll need to include:

  • the appropriate application form from the list of downloads below
  • a statement from an official of your sporting organisation detailing the circumstances of the injury and confirming the participant was a registered person doing an authorised activity
  • a statement from the participant detailing the circumstances surrounding the injury
  • a statement from at least one witness to the injury describing the circumstances surrounding the injury
  • medical documents to support the claim, such as medical reports, hospital notes, etc.

Serious injury claims

Any time there’s an injury that could result in a claim for benefits, you need to start by filling out the initial injury advice form which you can download below.

Death claims

To apply for death benefits for a deceased participant, their dependant will need to complete the death benefit application form below.

If you want to discuss the claims process you can call us on 1800 221 960 or email us at

Types of benefits

All sports insurance payments are paid as lump sum benefits.

The maximum amount payable in respect of all injuries suffered by the participant as a consequence of a single incident is $171,000.

You can download our Sporting injuries benefits and payments guide below to see the full list of types of benefits.