Employers can register to be part of icare's Wearables Advisory Service

The icare Wearables Advisory Service provides free advice and guidance to customers who are interested in adding wearable technology (wearables) to their WHS operational toolkit.

The Wearables journey so far

In 2020, Deloitte was engaged by icare to design the implementation and evaluation of icare's MSD (musculoskeletal disorders) Wearable Study.

A key finding from their evaluation of the MSD Wearables Study was that employers should consider adding wearables to their suite of workplace health and safety interventions to help improve safety.

Based on short-term pilot results, they confirmed that wearable technologies are effective in identifying and/or reducing high-risk manual tasks in the workplace and help prevent musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).

The scope of wearables explored by the Wearables Advisory Service can extend beyond the prevention of MSDs, as explored in the initial study.

Pilot program

Around 350 workers from six industries at the greatest risk of manual handling-related injuries participate in the pilot program to test the effectiveness of wearables in real-world settings.

We partnered with six employers and provided them with access to wearables for their workers, reporting and analytics to promote safety discussions between managers and workers, and ongoing advice from our Injury Prevention Team.

Watch the below videos featuring Metcash Group, one of the largest wholesaling companies in Australia, with a range of activities in warehouse and retail settings.

Metcash Group participated in the pilot program and demonstrated that the use of wearables could lead to a significant cultural change over a short space of time and help employers to keep their workers safe and healthy.

Wearables Advisory Service

Drawing findings, learnings and customer insights from icare's MSD Wearables Study, icare created the Wearables Advisory Service to make it easy for icare customers to determine their suitability and readiness as well as to provide a step-by-step process to adopt and integrate the use of wearable/s into their workplace.

Register your interest

icare is encouraging businesses from high-risk industries including transport and logistics, manufacturing, health care and construction to register their interest in co-developing programs with the Wearables Advisory Service.


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