Apply for eligibility with us

Understand the process of applying for a Certificate of Eligibility.

A Certificate of Eligibility with icare HBCF means that we have assessed you for eligibility and granted you the entitlement to apply for an icare HBCF Certificate of Insurance for individual building projects.

Your HBCF Certificate of Eligibility defines the eligibility conditions that apply to any Certificate of Insurance that we may grant you.

These conditions include:

  • open job limits (number and value)
  • types of construction and maximum contract price.

It’s important to start the application process well before you intend to commence any residential building work. To help make sure your application is successful, get familiar with the eligibility manual

How to apply

  1. Find a broker from our list of approved broker distributors
  2. Discuss what information you need to provide with your broker
    If you're one of the few builders who are not eligible for our automated assessment process, you may need to provide your broker with financial statements, likely number, type and value of potential projects, and your contractor licence details. 
  3. Complete a builder eligibility application form

Finding a broker distributor

All eligibility applications must be submitted to us through an icare HBCF-approved broker distributor.

Find a broker distributor

Additional documents to provide

In most cases icare HBCF requires very little information to assess eligibility and this information is submitted in the Auto Assessment Eligibility Application Form (PDF, 0.2MB).

Builders who are not eligible for auto assessment may need to provide their broker with more information, including:

  • your completed Builder Eligibility/Profile Change Application form (PDF, 0.3MB)
  • a recent balance sheet, profit and loss statement (for company and trust) or tax returns (for sole trader and partnership)
  • a statement of personal assets and liabilities
  • copies of rates notices for all properties declared on the statement of personal assets and liabilities
  • refer to the check-list in the application form for any other required supporting documentation.

icare HBCF uses your financial statements to assess your financial viability. They may make further enquiries to seek clarification of issues associated with your application. 

Reviewing your eligibility

On an ongoing basis, eligibility is subject to review. icare HBCF determines how often to perform reviews when we complete each underwriting assessment, and by our programmed periodic review requirements.

icare HBCF may also undertake a special eligibility review if it appears a builder's circumstances have changed and we identify a possible major risk. icare HBCF will assess the financial viability of the builder to continue to hold eligibility.

Learn more about the review process