icare Lifetime Care advisory groups

We work with advisory groups to facilitate ongoing feedback and community discussion about the Lifetime Care and Support Scheme.

We’re always open to receiving feedback from the community and our external stakeholders.

By getting involved in an advisory group with icare lifetime care, you have the opportunity to provide input and feedback on the Scheme.

We engage participants and their family members in regular consultation through our Participant Reference Groups.

Disability groups, service providers and healthcare professionals are also welcome to engage with us through the Lifetime Care Advisory Group.

We also have regular meetings to consult and engage with key service partners such as the the ACI Brain Injury Rehabilitation Directorate and the NSW Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program, and the ACI State Spinal Cord Injury Service.

If you’re involved in any way with the Lifetime Care and Support Scheme and you would like to join one of these groups or give us feedback, please contact us.

Participant reference groups

Participant Reference Groups are designed to help us get feedback from the people we’re here to support.

Our reference groups meet three to four times a year in Sydney, Newcastle and Parramatta.

It’s a great opportunity for information sharing and connecting with other participants and family members.

We provide an update on what’s happening in your local region, and any major updates from icare. We then leave the agenda open to discuss what’s important to you.

Through group discussion, you can play a part in solving ‘big picture’ issues and sharing your ideas. Participant Reference Groups are designed to:

  • Provide input and review of policy and practice improvements.
  • Raise system issues.
  • Propose, discuss and present innovative ideas.
  • Discuss relevant developments.

icare Lifetime Care Advisory Group

The icare Lifetime Care Advisory Group has representatives from disability groups, medical and health services for brain and spinal cord injury, attendant care industry and community service providers.

The Advisory Group meets three times a year in Sydney.

The role of the Group is to:

  • Tell us about the service needs of participants, particularly those services that assist participants in their community. This includes advising of any service gaps and opportunities in this sector.
  • Provide a forum to discuss solutions to identified needs and challenges.
  • Provide us with advice on research areas to improve participant's quality of life and the delivery of services.
  • Tell us about the needs and challenges of the group they represent.
  • Facilitate consultation mechanisms with icare Lifetime Care's stakeholders.
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