icare's Risk Education eXpress supports workplace safety in the public sector

Every year, more than half a million Australians are confronted with the challenges posed by work-related injuries and illnesses, resulting in a cost of $61.8 billion, according to Safe Work Australia figures.

This burden isn't solely financial; its influence permeates our healthcare system, economy, and society at large. It leaves in its wake reduced productivity, income, and a diminished quality of life for thousands of people across NSW.

Taking action to address this critical issue, icare's Risk Education eXpress has rolled out accessible resources and educational initiatives to NSW Government agencies that help foster safe workplaces and cultivate environments that are conducive to employee safety and support.

Risk Education eXpress' Client Education Lead, Sharon Johnson, underscored the necessity of taking proactive steps to address workplace safety.

"The data paints a vivid picture. Safe work concerns touch the entire NSW public sector workforce. Disregarding this challenge is not an option. We must cultivate workplaces that provide a safe, secure, and supportive environment, where individuals return home safe every day, no exceptions."

With this mandate, the team at REX has created a library of resources and programs specifically targeted at NSW Government Agencies.

The programs include cultivating mentally healthy workplaces, leading with psychological safety, fostering respect and resilience, prioritising driver safety, implementing WHS risk management, ensuring WHS due diligence, strengthening connect and care, and mastering mental health first aid.

Employers who take a strategic approach to safety to improve their systems, prioritise and address health and safety risks will see the benefits of engaging with REX's suite of programs.

Ultimately, championing workplace safety is not just a moral and ethical imperative; it also yields positive ripple effects that extend to an organisation's productivity and financial performance.

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