Medical treatment for people with a work-related dust disease

If you are have a work-related dust disease, we may be able to pay for your medical, hospital and other treatment costs.

Who is eligible?

If you receive compensation through Dust Diseases Care, you are also entitled to medical treatment and other supports.

To be eligible to receive these services, you will need to have your care needs assessed by an occupational therapist or another medical professional such as Registered Nurse.

What we can pay for

We can pay for treatment costs that are ‘reasonably necessary’ and are required as a result of your dust disease. 

This includes things like:

  • Doctor's appointments and medication, including home-based oxygen and nebulisers
  • Travel to and from your doctors’ appointments
  • Treatment for your dust disease in a hospital or nursing home, or in palliative care or a rehabilitation centre
  • Therapeutic treatments, like exercise and massage
  • Respite care (out of home) or rehabilitation centre admissions

What we can't pay for

There are some situations where we may not be able to pay for your treatment costs under the workers compensation legislation.

These include:

  • Treatment or medical costs that are related to another disease or condition
  • Federal Government Accommodation Bonds to enter a nursing home
  • Food, vitamins or supplements, unless prescribed as part of a treatment regime relating to your dust disease
  • Medical treatment or medicines received while visiting or living overseas
  • Home renovations or painting