icare Dust Diseases Care quarterly data

We're committed to regularly publishing a range of Dust Diseases Care data to provide accountability and transparency.

Representing the date range 1 April 2023 to 30 June 2023

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Number of clients

Dependants: 3,468
Workers (Award): 1,399
Workers (Non-award): 354

Grand total: 5,221

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Mobile clinic

People screened*: 652
Locations visited: 11
Employers supported: 20

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Health screening

People screened*: 510
External monitoring: 125
Employers supported: 50

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Medical assessment panel

Meetings: 11
Clients: 484

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Asbestos/ARPD: 44
Lung cancer: 4
Mesothelioma: 35
Silicosis: 23
Other: 4

Grand total: 110

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All payments: $26,703,961 
Fortnightly Payments: $16,687,551

* People screened represents scheme clients who are living with a dust disease, and workers whose job places them at risk of exposure to hazardous dust.

In partnership with SafeWork NSW, icare is providing a free lung screening service for employers who have received an improvement notice from SafeWork NSW.

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