Update on historical underpayments remediation

icare welcomes Deloitte to Pre-Injury Average Weekly Earnings (PIAWE) remediation program.

Deloitte will be tasked with ensuring the PIAWE remediation program delivers for those who may have been underpaid and will also provide external independent assurance over the entire program.

The Deloitte review will be overseen and supervised by a Steering Committee chaired by the State Regulatory Insurance Authority (SIRA) and also comprising NSW Treasury and icare. 

"Getting injured workers their correct historical entitlements is our top priority. It’s clear that the remediation has not happened fast enough, driven by complexity and the technicalities of the current legislative framework,” icare CEO Richard Harding said.

"Obtaining expert advice from a team who have assisted organisations with similar issues in the past will be invaluable. 

"The additional input in the remediation program will augment changes we’ve made recently and ensure injured workers get the best outcome. 

"Since our last update in March we have:

  • Established a new project team that brings more dedicated senior resource to the leadership of the program.
  • Engaged the NSW Data Science team to advise and support on ways to fast-track the remediation using data-based solutions.
  • Commenced the state-wide awareness campaign – including media, social media and community outreach.
  • Continued to engage with key stakeholders including unions and employer groups through a dedicated working group on the matter. 

"In the coming month we will also commence sending letters to every injured worker impacted by the issue. This has been done with the support and advice of medical practitioners, the Mental Health Commission and other stakeholders including the NSW Government’s Behavioural Insights Unit. We have also established accompanying support services for those who may need added support when revisiting their claim. 

"We look forward to the additional input from key government agencies and the independent assurance to provide certainty to injured workers and key stakeholders on the remediation program. 

"icare continues to call on injured workers who received weekly compensation payments for injuries notified between October 2012 and October 2019 and wish to have their entitlements checked to request an assessment,” he said. 

Injured workers can lodge a request by visiting our PIAWE assessment form page. 

Remediation update

  • As at April 2021, 5,322 claims have been proactively assessed on the most disadvantaged and vulnerable workers. 
  • Of these proactive reviews, only 61 claims had a quantifiable underpayment. 
  • Of these, 32 have had a payment made to them totalling $428,000.
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