Kaye Bruce



Liverpool, Sydney NSW

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About Kaye

"Kaye is an occupational therapist who provides case management services to adults and children with significant injury. She has had extensive experience as a case manager under a number of different schemes including Lifetime Care and WorkCover NSW. She is able to provide assessment, therapy and treatment across the rehabilitation journey from the acute/discharge phase onwards.

Kaye’s areas of passion and expertise include: trouble shooting complex care programs and assisting participants and their families at significant transition points. For example: discharge planning, leaving school, considering a return to work, and moving house and the other changes which occur in life.

Kaye enjoys supporting participants and their families to consider their options and choose the scope of their programs. Kaye has a interest in complex medical management (in a community setting) and working with individuals who are often considered to have challenging behaviours or dual diagnoses following brain injury.

Kaye works part-time, but when she is unavailable, Reboundrehab employs numerous Lifetime Care-approved case managers that may be able to assist you."