Karen Mauer

Capable Spaces


Cardiff, NSW

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About Karen

"As an experienced occupational therapist since 1998, and a case manager since 2014, I am very passionate about supporting adults with significant injuries such as spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, vision impairment and amputations. My main goal as a case manager is to work collaboratively with participants to build a strong network of experienced clinicians and informal supports to help people to pursue their goals and optimise their treatment, rehabilitation and care plan.

I created Capable Spaces, which is a business focused on helping people to live with maximum independence, dignity and empowerment. We know that when people have more control over their lives, they also have a better quality of life.

My occupational therapy clinical experience includes extensive experience with helping people to set up the best-fit environment to help them to live their best lives. This includes helping people to access well-designed wheelchairs, seating and positioning, home modifications, manual handling protocols and carer training, home automation and technology access. Through optimising the environment, people can do much more than may have been thought possible, despite physical or cognitive limitations. As an Occupational Therapist by background I can identify possible issues that arise from equipment and manual handling issues, and refer onto someone to address these issues for you.

In supporting people within icare as a case manager, as well as other funding schemes, I help people identify possible solutions to help people to meet their goals, and then refer to a network of experienced clinicians to help you to “live to the max” in your everyday life."