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Hygiene Suite 1, 12 Clevedon St, Botany, NSW

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About GCG Health, Safety & Hygiene

GCG is a WHS specialist and occupational hygiene service provider with expertise across diverse industries, ranging from aerospace to mining to water and energy, to name a few. We are an Australian-owned and operated private company whose primary focus is to help our valued clients create and maintain safe and healthy working environments for their people.

Our strengths lie in working with clients to build strong relationships and practical ways to manage their health and safety. We place emphasis on producing quality work and hitting timeframes. We do this by hiring health and safety professionals who fit with our team and ethos of how we work.

With 18 years of operating experience across many industries, we have a proven track record of successfully delivering tailored services that worked for our clients no matter the industry. We believe businesses big or small can find methods and strategies to practice the science of health and safety.

Service Category

  • Work Health & Safety Management Systems (WHSMS) and WHS Risk Management
  • Occupational Hygiene
  • Contractor Management
  • WHS Due Diligence Training
  • Emergency Management 

Service Coverage


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