Dust Diseases Care successfully completes historical payments remediation program

icare has successfully completed its remediation program to correct historical payment practices.

In 2020, icare proactively reviewed the payment procedures that were used to work out compensation payments for those with a dust disease. During this review, icare identified an issue with the interpretation of the 1942 and 1987 NSW Workers Compensation Acts.

This review process showed us there were differences in how the Workers' Compensation Acts of 1942 and 1987 were previously understood. As a result, this led to an underpayment of compensation. These practises date back many years before icare.

Following this, a proposed remediation approach was developed with PwC.

To ensure the best outcomes for Dust Diseases Care participants, final independent assurance was undertaken by Deloitte experts in similar remediation matters who deemed icare’s approach as 'fair, timely and appropriate'. 

A total of $33.2 million in remediation money was paid to Dust Diseases Care clients and estates.1,362 DDC participants were identified as impacted. icare has contacted impacted participants and estates to make arrangements for remediation payments to be made. 

There are 35 estates who have been unreachable. icare will continue contact efforts to arrange due payment. The remediation program was completed in conjunction with PwC.

DDC participants have expressed thanks to icare for providing the lump sum payment. For one DDC participant who lost her husband more than five years ago to mesothelioma, the payment has allowed her to be with her son who lives in abroad and spend quality time together.

“All thanks to DDC, none of this would have been possible without the remediation payment and fortnightly compensation benefits. Thank you so much!”
DDC participant

DDC participants have always had and will continue to have the ability for their entitlements to be reviewed at any time and icare will continue to review any participants' entitlements if they believe they are incorrect. Any DDC participant who wishes to have their file reviewed can contact their coordinator.

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