Renée Gibbs

Rebound Kids


Coogee, Sydney NSW

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About Renée

Renee Gibbs is an experienced paediatric OT who is passionate about working with children to enable them to achieve their best. Renee has clinical expertise in developmental paediatrics, brain injury rehab. Renee has worked with Lifetime Care since 2014 as an approved case manager and is well connected to the paediatric brain injury rehabilitation units and paediatric clinician networks.  

Personally, Renee is a mother of three, a surf lifesaver and a marathon runner. Renee is energetic, committed and will work alongside your child and your family to support you through the rehabilitation process, and to help you to manage all the facets of life from learning at school, managing self-care, engaging with sports and everything in between.  

About Rebound Kids

"Rebound Kids is a specialised case management service assisting children and young people who have suffered traumatic injuries.

Why Choose Us?

  • We know what the road ahead looks like and can help you navigate new systems, to access treatment, rehabilitation and care.
  • We are here to take some of the work-load off your family. There can be a lot of new people involved in your child's care.
  • We are the central point you can turn to.
  • We are friendly and approachable, but most of all we get things done.
  • We are pro-active and responsive.
  • We have extensive experience working with schools (public, private and religious).
  • We can support your school to ensure your child has their needs met.
  • We will help you choose the right health professionals to treat your child in the community.
  • We can direct you toward specialist assessments and treatment in a timely manner."