Current vacancies

icare is built around people. We have a social heart, a commercial mind and an entrepreneurial spirit.

We’re always striving to deliver great outcomes for our customers. Our ‘all in this together’ mentality means we care about what we do, we work hard, we have fun and we deliver great results

Our passion for human centred design informs the way we work and how we make decisions that impact those we’re here to support.

After all, people are at the centre of everything we do. And that idea extends all the way through our internal culture. Our customers are diverse. And to provide them with great outcomes, we need our people to be diverse too.

“We want our workforce to include people living with disability, all genders, ages, cultures, faiths and types of families.”

How to apply

To find a role with icare, check out our online jobs board, or take a look on our LinkedIn page.  As you prepare your application, we'll want to know how your experience, skills, qualifications and knowledge align with the role you’re applying for.

We encourage you to include the most relevant examples to give yourself the best opportunity for selection.

We also want to hear about what you can bring to the organisation, and examples of how your values align with the values of icare.

What happens after you apply

Once your application has been submitted, we'll acknowledge we have received it with a confirmation email.

You may be shortlisted for an initial short phone interview, followed by further assessment and a second interview depending on the type of role.
As part of our selection process, we carry out background checks to review your qualifications and criminal history. We may also process a working with children check if it’s relevant to the role.

We provide assistance for applicants with accessibility and other requirements. Please advise us of your requirements when you are arranging your interview.