We’re changing the way people think about insurance and care in NSW.

Working with us means being part of an organisation that is making a meaningful impact. We solve complex problems with simple solutions. We make possibility a reality. 


“The best thing about working at icare is creating real impact for real people. We have a strong focus on people’s wellbeing and equality in the workplace.”

Sara Kahlau, General Manager, Transformation


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We're a new kind of organisation – one that defies expectations, changes perspectives and is best suited to protecting, insuring and caring for NSW, now and into the future.

We seek people who have the same passion for delivering great outcomes for our customers and the NSW community as we do, who possess a commercial mind and a social heart and whose values align with ours. 

We have a strong purpose and clear vision which drive our desire to achieve great things for our customers and we use data, diversity in thought and experience and human centred design to ensure our success. 

We care about what we do and how we do it, we work hard and set the bar high but we also have fun and we deliver great results. We believe in putting people at the centre of everything we do and this extends not only to the people we are here to support but also each other. 

If you’re interested in working with us to deliver great outcomes for people and the community of NSW then check out our current vacancies below.

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A video of individuals in the icare team talking about what working at icare means to them. They talk about how icare is a new kind of organisation that cares for people. We use our skills to do social good and we’re proud to do so.

Video Transcript

00:00 [Marisol] icare. What a name. It just represents the main purpose of what we do.

00:09 [Marisol] Just caring about people. 

00:11 [Zoe] We're building something that that is going to be phenomenal.

00:12 [Steve] I think people want to take something from good to great and they're not afraid to do the hard work to make that happen

00:19 [Gavin] icare does a range of things. At its heart, it's a social insurer and insures New South Wales. 

00:26 [Rob] We're a new kind of organization.

00:28 [Man] Take on the status quo.

00:30 [Woman] Make it count tomorrow. 

00:32 [Don] We're really excited about having people join us that are constantly looking at ways to improve and to feel empowered and to deliver great outcomes. 

00:41 [Koby] You can really challenge anything. If you think that it should be different, then stand up and say it. 

00:47 [Matt] Within icare, you can walk the floor and you can actually see the vision and the purpose coming to life.

00:50 [Gavin] icare’s DNA or strapline of commercial mind and social heart, really to me is about getting that balance, you know, we can’t have one or the other, it’s about getting that balance right.

1:01 [Rob] You're using all your skills to actually do social good, and that's the thing I really like.

01:06 [Woman] Push yourself far.

01:08 [Man] With great mentors near 

01:09 [Katie] There's opportunity to grow, to develop your skills, to try different roles. 

01:14 [Sara] There's opportunities to really move around within the organization but also develop new skills and capabilities through a range of leadership and other skill building development programs.

01:24 [Patricia] When they say flexibility, they actually mean it. 

01:27 [James] I have a one-year-old baby and they've given me the time and the space to really be with my family and also work from home, so it's been great.

01:37 [Woman] Surrounded by good.

01:39 [Man] In it for great.

01:40 [Karen] If you're a creative person who wants to work outside the square, then you definitely need to work for icare. 

01:45 [Lisa] We're really working towards a gold standard, not just for New South Wales in Australia but the rest of the world

01:51 [Kwame] people are really excited about what they do.

01:56 [Katie] They keep giving me opportunities that I can't pass up. 

01:57 [Angelo] I can see myself being here for a long time.

01:59 [Nuiyen] I'm so happy and proud to work for icare.

02:02 [Helen] If you're thinking of joining icare, do it.

02:05 [Ian] So come join us. It's it's the best place to work