Workers Insurance claims portal features and benefits

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What’s different about the enhanced claims model?

In January 2018, we launched our claims management model with EML as the appointed claims service provider.

Throughout 2018, we listened to feedback from customers and refined the operational aspects of the service. This included the introduction of Client Service Managers for customers with higher volumes of claims.

More upgrades have been made to the technology and the resulting enhancements to operations help to improve the overall experience for customers. The platform and associated operational improvements will be available in early 2019.

What does the upgrade deliver?

For employers and injured workers, the lodgement portal has been enhanced to provide additional functionality which helps customers follow their claims journey. In addition, a new back-office platform integrates and streamlines the operational aspects of claims management. This platform helps ensure our claims advisors and case management specialists are able to support our customers more effectively from the first point of contact throughout their claims journey.

The current open access claims lodgement is still be available for customers to lodge claims.

The password protected, user-specific claims portal is now available and linked to employer policy details. Details about the registration process and instructions on how to use the portal will be made available soon.

Benefits for employers

A substantial upgrade to the functionality of the portal gives you much more control at your fingertips. You can lodge, view and undertake some tasks related to your Workers Insurance claims through a password protected portal that has:

  • Access to new portal functionality
    • Visibility of wage reimbursements and payments made for treatments and other expenses
    • Help articles support and facilitate a smooth claims process for all involved.
  • Self-service

    As an employer, you can use the online self-service portal to:

    • administer your claims team access e.g. add new users, edit user access and remove users
    • manage your organisations details e.g. portal log-in details and accessibility
    • receive and view correspondence
    • view claim details and make claim enquiries
    • view and upload Return to Work Plans
    • view Injury Management Plans
    • view and upload other claim related documents
    • view treatment approvals and how many have been paid to date
    • view past payments and reimbursements
    • request a new medical reimbursement
    • request a wage reimbursement
    • notify changes to average weekly earnings.
  • Account and user management

    Claims administrators have access to all the policies within the portal relevant to your company. This means claims administrators can easily assign policies to other members of your company through the ‘Manage your profile’ tab.

    If you’re a claims administrator, you can add and remove users at a policy level. This means changes to personal information may only be made by the relevant user.

  • View payments and request reimbursements

    The claims portal facilitates a quick, easy and straight forward payment overview and reimbursement section.

    The ‘Wage payments’ section enables an employer to:

    • view wage-related reimbursements made to them
    • notify us of changes to average weekly earnings
    • request a new wage reimbursement.

    The ‘Medical and other payments’ section enables an employer to:

    • view medical payments that have been reimbursed
    • request a new medical or other reimbursement.
  • Return to work

    As an employer, under the ‘Health and Recovery’ section of the portal, you can plan for an injured workers recovery by creating, and uploading a new Return to Work plan, or viewing the existing plan.

    The Return to Work Plan includes information such as recovery goals, suitable work duties the supervisor details, and is developed in consultation with the worker, treating medical practitioner (and rehabilitation provider, where required).

    As an employer you can create, view and keep track of the injured workers Injury Management Plan within the ‘Health and recovery’ section of the portal. The Injury Management plan enables both the injured worker and employer to view, plan and coordinate treatment, and recovery at work.

    The Injury Management Plan helps identify the overall return to work goals, and outlines all treatment which has been approved. It also provides details on any actions to be completed by stakeholders to ensure a particular goal is met.

Benefits for workers

If you are injured at work you can lodge, view and manage your workers compensation claim online through our lodgement portal or by calling 13 77 22.

  • View and manage your claim via a self-service portal

    The secure online workers insurance claims portal makes it easier to manage your claim from the moment you notify us of an injury.

    You can view your health and recovery plans, use our online self-service options to update your details, claim pre-approved expenses, and view correspondence.

  • Notification of injury

    You don’t need to take time off work or require medical treatment to report an injury. You can lodge what’s called an injury notification and have the incident on record. Upon lodgement, you will be provided be provided with a seven-digit claim number.

    After notifying us of an injury, both you and your employer will receive a phone call to ensure we have all the relevant information we need and to explain the next steps in the process. You will also be invited to register for the self-service portal during this call.

    The claim number provided at notification can be used when visiting your nominated treating doctor (NTD) and other treating providers when seeking treatment for your injury.

    Learn about notifying us of an injury or making a claim

  • View and update your claim details

    When you notify us of an injury, we'll provide you with an opportunity to create an online account to access our portal. You can then use our online claims portal to:

    • view up to date claim(s) information, including open/closed status, liability status and estimated time off work
    • receive and view correspondence
    • update contact details
    • update bank account details for reimbursement
    • request a new medical reimbursement
    • request a new reimbursement for travel expenses
    • view a history of payments made to you
    • make claim enquiries
    • view and download Return to Work Plans
    • view Injury Management Plans
    • view and upload other relevant claim related document
    • submit a general request for information
    • manage your profile, change your password, update bank details, and set your accessibility settings and preferences.
  • Track your claims progress

    Once your claim has been assessed, a claims adviser will contact you to discuss the next steps.

    If you have registered for the claims portal, you can view your claim’s progress.

  • Request a reimbursement

    Within the medical and other payments section of the portal, you can request a reimbursement for any expenses related to your claim, including pre-approved medical treatment and other costs.

    You can also provide copies of your receipts for reimbursement by loading them into the portal.

  • Track your health and recovery journey

    To facilitate a healthy and safe return to work, you can view your return to work plan online under the ‘Health and recovery’ section.

    Your Return to Work plan includes information such as recovery goals, suitable work duties and your supervisor’s details.

    The Return to Work Plan is often developed by the employer, or a rehabilitation provider in consultation with yourself and your nominated treating medical doctor (NTD). Your employer will help facilitate a coordinated return to work.

    The portal also enables you to view and keep track of your Injury Management Plan, helping you plan and coordinate your treatment rehabilitation and re-training where required.

    The Injury Management Plan helps you identify your approved treatments and services, helps track your goals and achievements and allow you to request a new reimbursement. You can also be notified of any actions to be completed that will help you reach your goals.