Claims management and return to work support

We work with injured workers and their employers to ensure that every injured worker receives the right treatment and support at the right time. 

Each year about 60,000 people are injured at work across NSW businesses and in the public sector. Of these, 93 per cent are expected to return to work in some capacity, whilst the remaining workers are unlikely to return to work due to their injury. 

We are dedicated to building a fairer and more sustainable worker insurance scheme:

We have made changes to the claims model, implemented technology for better service and data insights, delivered improvements to disputes resolution and we have introduced the Medical Support Panel to facilitate faster decision-making on treatment options.

We are continuing to improve the way our systems and our people work together to ensure injured workers get the level of care and support needed, regardless of the complexity of their claim. 

Our role, together with our scheme agents, is to guide and support employers and workers to achieve the goal of returning to work. We do this by consulting, collaborating and communicating with all stakeholders throughout the life cycle of the claim.