Claims management and return to work support

We work with injured workers and their employers to ensure that every injured worker receives the right treatment and support at the right time. 

In January 2018, icare launched a new claims management model with EML appointed as the claims service manager.

Improving the claims model and claims management systems is part of our ongoing plan. Continual improvement and supporting our customers is our goal.

We've collected feedback from Net Promoter Score surveys and face-to-face forums. Feedback has helped shape ways for us to improve the customer experience. We're doing this by upgrading the workers insurance claims platform.

Upgrades to our claims platform are now in the final stages and will be available in 2019.

Our claims management service model

What the new updates will deliver

The updates will build on the core principles of the claims management model:

  • Consistent service delivery and customer service;
  • Achieving positive and sustainable return to work outcomes;
  • Getting the right level of support relative to the complexity of the claim; and
  • Delivering improved communication and certainty throughout the lifecycle of the claim.

For employers and injured workers, we're improving the existing lodgement portal. This update will allow employers and injured workers to follow and manage their claims journey.

In addition, a new back-office platform will integrate and streamline the operational aspects of claims management. This will help our claims advisors and case management specialists support our customers through their entire claims journey.

Benefits for employers

A substantial upgrade to the portal will give you much more control at your fingertips. You’ll be able to lodge, view and self-manage some tasks related to your Workers Insurance claims through a secure (i.e. private access) online portal.

Benefits for injured workers (and third parties)

If you are injured at work, you’ll be able to lodge, view and manage certain aspects of your workers compensation claim online through our portal or by calling 13 77 22.

Claims portal features and benefits

What will be different about the customer experience?

There are several changes to improve the customer experience through operational enhancements. Automation of routine tasks and better access to customer information allows our teams to spend more time focusing on our customers need and providing the right level of support.

Portal Registration and use — employers, brokers and workers

The current open access claims lodgement will still be available for customers to lodge claims.

Employers: We'll send you a secure link to register for the claims portal. We'll create an online account for you and you'll be able to access the portal.

Brokers and other employer representatives: You'll need to obtain approval to register for the claims portal from the relevant employer. Your customer's administrator will need to add you as a user to their account.

Injured workers: You'll be able to register and create an online account when you lodge a claim. If your employer has lodged your claim you'll receive a secure link via email to register and access the portal after your claim has been lodged.

Notify us of an injury or make a claim