Sporting injuries

Our sporting injuries insurance scheme provides affordable cover to more than 150 sporting groups in NSW. We also cover school children during school sporting activities through icare self insurance.

We provide sporting insurance for sports organisations of all kinds in NSW. From soccer clubs to fishing groups, we’re here to provide cover for serious injuries and fatalities.

We’re a no-fault scheme that’s designed to complement private health insurance or other forms of player accident insurance. With affordable premiums and significant benefits, sporting injuries insurance is a great way to make sure your players are protected.

Cover for sports organisations

By taking out cover as a sports organisation, all registered participants and sporting officials are covered for serious injuries, such as permanent loss affecting a participant’s arms, legs, sight, hearing and mental capacity.

Participants are covered if the injury occurs during a competition, trial or training.

We don’t cover minor injuries, such as breaks, sprains, abrasions, cuts and bruises, or dental injuries.

Because the scheme only provides cover for permanent injury, death and disablement, many sporting organisations (or individual participants) will have a secondary policy to insure for other things like loss of wages, medical expenses, minor injuries such as broken bones, and dental.

If you want insurance against these types of injuries, you’ll need to take out a separate policy with a private insurer.

Our sporting injuries cover is available for as little as a $1 per participant, with a minimum annual premium of $165.

To apply for cover or ask a question, call us on 13 44 22.

Cover for school children

Through icare self insurance, we also provide coverage for all school children (state and private) in NSW during authorised school sports activities.

If a sports injury results in permanent loss affecting a student’s arms, legs, sight, hearing or mental capacity, they may be eligible to make a claim.

We don’t cover minor injuries, like breaks, sprains, abrasions, cuts and bruises, or dental injuries. Because of this, we recommend parents and guardians also have private health insurance if possible.

Types of authorised school sporting activities we cover include:

  • physical education classes
  • school lessons
  • sports carnivals
  • competitions and training

Learn more about our application process to make a claim.

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Funding for sports research

We’ve provided funding grants to enable sporting organisations and research institutions to increase safer participation in sport and recreational activities.

We see this as an important part of our role in helping the NSW community, and we’ve supported more than 50 important research projects into the prevention of injuries and improvement of safe sport. If you’d like information on how to apply for one of our funding grants, call us on 13 44 22 or complete our online contact us form.

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Our history and legislation

The sporting injuries insurance scheme was introduced by the NSW Government in 1979. Cover under the scheme is unique to NSW, and provides benefits regardless of who is at fault in the accident.

The Scheme’s claims and benefits processes are legislated by the Sporting Injuries Insurance Act 1978. Since 1979, $15 million in benefits has been paid: an average of $31,000 per claim.

The Scheme covers different sporting codes, with 223,000 participants seeking insurance from 150 sporting organisations across 65 sports.