Brain injury services

We pay for specialist brain injury support services for icare lifetime care participants and workers in the icare workers care program.

 If you are interested in any of these services, talk to your icare coordinator or case manager.

NSW Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program (BIRP)

Many icare lifetime care participants and workers care program workers are treated through the NSW Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program, which includes:

  • Adult inpatient teams
  • Royal Rehabilitation Centre
  • Westmead Hospital
  • Liverpool Hospital

Paediatric inpatient teams

  • Children's Hospital at Westmead, Brain Injury Rehabilitation Team
  • Sydney Children's Hospital, Brain Injury Rehabilitation Team
  • John Hunter Children's Hospital, Kaleidoscope

There are also metropolitan and rural and regional brain injury rehabilitation units, including specialist paediatric services.

The BIRP aims to provide best practice care for people with a brain injury to improve their outcomes for recovery from brain injury and participation in their community.

Vocational Intervention Program (VIP)

VIP facilitates the coordination of services and support for people with a brain injury who are either returning to existing work or wish to explore new employment opportunities.

This is done through supporting and strengthening partnerships between employers, people with brain injuries, families, clinicians and vocational service providers.

Returning to the workforce following a brain injury can be an important step towards rehabilitation.

This specialised support is free to both clients and employers participating in the VIP initiative and includes insurance for work training placements.

There are two components of VIP:

  • Fast Track – Assisting people following brain injury to return to their work with their employer
  • New Track – Assisting people to explore future work opportunities with 12 week unpaid work & training placements

VIP is currently being delivered in the Sydney region, Western NSW and the North Coast of NSW, with a plan to continue to extend the services further across rural NSW.

Further resources, information and services

TBI Express (Sydney Uni)

TBI Express can help families and friends find the best way to interact with the person during everyday conversations.

A brain injury can result in significant changes for the person as well as for their family and friends. Sometimes these changes can affect how the person communicates.

TBI Express is a communication-training program for people with traumatic brain injuries, their families, friends and carers.

Support groups for brain injuries

The main support groups and associations for people living with a brain injury in NSW are:

Both not-for-profit organisations provide a range of information and support services.