Assessment tools and resources

Used to monitor progress, quality of life and to determine the support needs of people with severe workplace or motor accident injuries. 

Some assessment tools are also used to determine eligibility to become an icare lifetime care participant or for acceptance into the icare workers care program.

The main assessment tools we use in icare lifetime care and the icare workers care program are:

  • FIM and WeeFIM – for people with a brain injury or burns
  • Care and Needs Scale (CANS) - for adults with a brain injury
  • Paediatric Care and Needs Scale (PCANS-2) – for young people aged five-15 years with a brain injury
  • American Spinal Injury Association (ASIA) Scale - for people with a spinal cord injury
  • WHOQoL-Bref and KINDL - quality of life measures for adults and children with an injury

Completing an assessment

To complete an assessment using one of these tools, download the relevant score sheet to record the outcomes of your assessment.

You can download a score sheet below. Make sure you choose the right score sheet for the injury type and age of the injured person, particularly the tools where age norms apply such as WeeFIM, PCANS-2 and KINDL.

Training and workshops

We run a limited number of courses each year for FIM, WeeFIM, CANS and PCANS-2 assessment tools. For more information see our training and workshops page.

Learn more about icare lifetime care training and workshops