Planning with an injured person

We support our service and healthcare providers in working with people severely injured at work or in a motor accident.

icare lifetime care and the icare workers care program both use a person-centred, strengths-based planning approach called My Plan. The My Plan tools help severely injured people to plan for the things they want to do and achieve.

My Plan puts the person at the centre of the planning process. It promotes a working partnership between participants and their families, icare and our service providers.

My Plan’s tools ensure that the person’s circumstances and preferences are the priority when developing their plan, and promotes more choice and control for injured people in identifying their goals and support needs.

How it works

A planning facilitator (usually a case manager or icare coordinator) works with the injured person to think about their goals and support needs, even when this includes things that can’t be funded by icare.

Together, the facilitator and injured person work out what types of support are needed and where they can be sourced. This approach ensures that the support received is flexible and tailored to the person’s individual needs and goals.