1. TMF scheme agents appointed

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  2. Legal services blueprint

    Policies PDF [0.4 MB]

    The NSW Government is committed to ensuring that its use of legal services is efficient, fiscally sustainable and delivers value for money for the people of NSW...

  3. Self Insurance TMF legal services panel: briefing pack for member agencies

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  4. Pilot significantly reduces treatment approval timeframes

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  5. Applications open for 2016 TMF awards

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    Sponsored by icare’s Self Insurance arm (NSW Self Insurance Corporation), the awards provide an opportunity for NSW government agencies to demonstrate and improve how they manage workplace risks...

  6. 3 steps to recover from a workplace injury (poster for printing)

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    3 steps to recover from a workplace injury...

  7. Claims Performance Adjustment Rates 2018-2019

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    Claims Performance Adjustment Rates 2018-2019...

  8. NSW Workers Compensation Industry Classification Rates

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    NSW Workers Compensation Industry Classification Rates...

  9. Care and Needs Scale form - Lifetime Care

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    The Care and Needs Scale (CANS; Tate, 2004) is an 8-level categorical scale that is designed to measure the level of support needs of older adolescents and adults with traumatic brain injury...

  10. Vivek Bhatia named anziif 2017 insurance leader of the year

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    ANZIIF named Vivek Bhatia, icare CEO, as the Insurance Leader of the Year at their 14th Annual Australian Insurance Industry Awards...