1. icare Foundation invests in new e-mental health strategy for small businesses

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  2. Vivek Bhatia named anziif 2017 insurance leader of the year

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    ANZIIF named Vivek Bhatia, icare CEO, as the Insurance Leader of the Year at their 14th Annual Australian Insurance Industry Awards...

  3. icare appoints gallagher bassett

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    Tim Plant announces the appointment of Gallagher Bassett as icare's new claims management partner for processing Self Insurance general lines claims...

  4. HBCF appoints new claims manager Gallagher Bassett

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    icare HBCF announces that icare has appointed Gallagher Bassett as the new HBCF claims manager...

  5. 2017 CASE Award finalists announced

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  6. Presentation for Australian Rehabilitation Providers Association ARPA

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    Terence Hoe's presentation to the Australian Rehabilitation Providers Association...

  7. Applications open for icare's 2017 CASE Awards

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    John Nagle announces applications are open for icare's 2017 Care & Service Excellence (CASE) Awards. Find out how you can apply...

  8. Creating trust in compensation inforgraphic

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    We break down injury claims in Parramatta to average age, time taken off work to recover and the types of injury. Find out more at UFirst's Deep Dive event in Parramatta...

  9. Creating trust in workers compensation

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    Ufirst are holding a Deep Dive event in Parramatta to increase people's capacity to return to work after injury. Find out why Parramatta was chosen as the location...

  10. icare and Swisse Wellness join forces

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