1. Terms of approval for private case managers

    Policies PDF [0.4 MB]

  2. Sargood on Collaroy - Information for Participants and Workers

    Information PDF [57 KB]

    Sargood on Collaroy is the most accessible beachside health and wellness resort in Australia, purpose built for people living with a spinal cord injury...

  3. Grief support pack

    Guidelines PDF [0.5 MB]

  4. Depression after a brain injury

    Information PDF [0.1 MB]

  5. How to request treatment rehabilitation and care services with lifetime care

    Information PDF [0.1 MB]

    How to request treatment and rehabilitation services with lifetime care...

  6. Complementary and alternative therapies information sheet - Dust Diseases Care

    Information PDF [0.3 MB]

    Complementary and alternative therapies information sheet - Dust Diseases Care...

  7. Care and Needs Scale form - Lifetime Care

    Forms PDF [0.2 MB]

    The Care and Needs Scale (CANS; Tate, 2004) is an 8-level categorical scale that is designed to measure the level of support needs of older adolescents and adults with traumatic brain injury...

  8. Your feedback - Lifetime Care

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    We're here to help and we value what you have to say about the quality of our Lifetime Care service...

  9. Completing a Participant Expense Claim (PEC) Form

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    Information for Lifetime Care participants - completing a participant expense claim (PEC) form...

  10. Case Manager Competency Checklist

    Forms PDF [0.3 MB]

    Approved case manager program competency checklist for icare Lifetime Care...